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Data Services

Data Services

Our skilled staff can help you by maximizing your efforts to those larger buyers of advertising, as well as determining who the next prospects will be. Design Wizards' Sales contract information provides your sales staff with all the necessary information, and eliminates nonproductive time going through endless printouts.

Production Services

Production Services

Design Wizards’ design staff is not only talented but has the experience to assure your advertiser that they are getting the creativity and look that will bring customers in the door. We use the latest industry-specific programs that allow us to paginate both white page and yellow page data in a minimal amount of time.

Special Services

Special Services

As a leader in the industry, we’ve developed billing software that’s specific to a directory publisher’s needs to take the hassle out of billing your advertisers. Imagine the ideas of eliminating double-entry and having access to a programmer if you're ever stuck.

Our Customers Say It Best


Jay Nielsen, CEO

The Sweetwater Pages,

"We have been working with Design Wizards for around five years now. We cautiously made the change from our old fulfillment company.
(Change is sometimes hard) WOW what a difference!

Design Wizards is fast, responsive and very professional. Their artists are very good and produce the highest quality ads. Their support staff has been wonderful to work with and act like they really do care about us. (Sounds like we’re in love, doesn’t it?) :)

Since going with Design Wizards we have never looked back, we have never had one day of regret. I couldn’t give them a higher recommendation!"

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Do you wish you had more
time to dedicate to selling?

We handle all necessary support for
your sales staff to allow you optimum results, which will lead to greater profits.

Are you unhappy with your
out-of-the-box pagination software?

Do you find yourself having to
adjust the way you do business
to accommodate your software?

Don’t you wish it would adjust
to what you do?

Design Wizards incorporates the way
you do business into it's structure.